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How to Take Care of Your Restaurant’s Glassware

How to Take Care of Your Restaurant’s Glassware

Properly taking care of your glassware can save your food service and restaurant operators time and money.

Properly taking care of your glassware can save your food service and restaurant operators time and money. Operations will run soundly and smoothly when you know how to prevent breaks as well as how to handle, clean, and place your glassware away correctly. Clean glass ensures the right taste and visual look for customers while dirty ones are unappealing to the customer, which could hurt your restaurant’s reputation. That is the last thing you want to deal with, so remember that you should always follow health and safety guidelines when cleaning your glassware. Read on to learn more about how to take care of your glassware!

Cleaning Dishwasher Safe Glassware

There are various kinds of dishwasher-safe glasses. This makes cleaning very easy and convenient in a high-volume bar or restaurant. You could clean dishwasher-safe glasses in a washing machine. Glasswashers are efficient since they can usually wash around 2,000 glasses per hour, and one cycle takes only about 90 seconds to finish. These steps can help you clean them efficiently:

  1. Check the water hardness at the spot of use. Then, regulate the water hardness range.
  2. Pour out leftover ice or liquid in your glasses.
  3. Use a dishwasher rack, so the glasses avoid contact with other cutlery, pots, and other dishes.
  4. Load glasses into the right-sized glass rack and position them so that they’re free draining. If you position the glasses correctly, you can prevent unwanted stains or marks from forming on the glassware.
  5. Place your glass rack into the glasswasher, and then shut the door.
  6. Set the glass washing machine to your eatery’s washing preferences and start the cycle.
  7. Open the dishwasher briefly at the end of the cycle to allow the steam to pass. Avoid opening it thoroughly until the dishwasher has cooled off.

How to Avoid Broken Glassware

There isn’t anything worse than the sounds of glass shattering in your restaurant, especially during a lunch and dinner rush. Chipped or broken glass can compromise the safety of both the guest and worker. So much like your kitchen’s smallware, be careful and delicate when dealing with the glassware.

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