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Green Products and Supplies

One of the best ways to attract young millennials to your business is to show them that you care about the environment. H.C Walterhoefer carries a vast assortment of eco-friendly products. Some of which include our cups and tableware that is comprised of corn, bamboo, sugarcane and potato. Many customers are elated to hear that many of our environmentally friendly products and supplies are compostable! They can simply be tossed in the trash, and there is no reason to feel guilty about it!

Nowadays, most janitorial cleaning supplies contain a multitude of harsh and toxic chemicals. If you want your home or business to become more environmentally conscious, check out our line of ‘Green Works’ products. They are a much better alternative for the environment. Just like anything else we have in our store, you can purchase these items in bulk, or you can split them up! We want to give you the ability to buy the correct quantity needed. By choosing to purchase H.C Walterhoefer green products and supplies, you will be helping the environment and be enhancing your business’ image. H.C Walterhoefer can help take your business to the next level!