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Pizza Products and Supplies

H.C Walterhoefer is a proud distributor of Stanislaus tomato products. This company is widely recognized as having the best pizza and tomato products in the industry. Their quality and price point makes them a superior supplier. There are only a handful of distributors in the area that they allow to represent their line.

If you are a pizza shop owner, you should know that H.C Walterhoefer can be an excellent resource for you because we carry an assortment of pizza supplies. We always have an unlimited quantity of pizza boxes in stock that can be purchased in bulk packs of 50. Most of the boxes we carry are available in both white and kraft color. The sizes of the boxes range from as small as 7 inches all the way up to 30 inches in size! The minimum purchase for personalized pizza boxes is 5,000 pieces (100 bundles of 50 boxes each).

Other pizza supplies we sell include:

  • Pizza delivery forms
  • High Gluten Flour
  • Garlic Sauce Cups
  • Thermal Delivery Bags
  • Pizza Cutters
  • Pizza Brooms (to clean ovens)
  •  Charcoal
  •  Kens dressing packs (biggest sellers are ranch & blue cheese)

Since H.C Walterhoefer does personalized paper products and supplies, we also can provide customers with printed cups, bags, as well as personalized pizza boxes. If you are looking for something in particular that we don’t carry, we can order it for you!