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How to Successfully Cater Your Own Wedding

How to Successfully Cater Your Own Wedding

To get around the costs to make your special day even bigger, perhaps it’s time to consider catering your own wedding.

Wedding receptions can get expensive. With pricy venues to the cost of food for big groups, the price of a wedding can be ridiculous. To get around these types of costs and make your special day even bigger, perhaps it’s time to consider catering your own wedding. This type of endeavor has its own share of obstacles, but it is easy to get the fairytale ending you have always wanted with the correct planning. Read on for some tips and guidelines to consider while catering your own wedding!

Make a Detailed Plan

Nothing is more crucial when catering your own wedding than staying organized and on top of things. Start off by planning your menu. Once that is nailed, consider everything that you need to serve what is on your menu and write it down. Then, consider all the equipment and supplies you’ll need to prepare your menu items, and again, write it down. Create some lists, check them all twice, and get help from a friend, family member, or catering supply retailer like H.C. Walterhoefer to help in organization and delegation.

Buy Your Catering Supplies, Do Not Rent Them

Since the wedding industry is such a booming field, you might find that wedding and catering-related products or services might have inflated prices. As a result, renting out your serving and dining supplies isn’t always the most cost-effective choice. Buying some wholesale catering supplies, though, on the other hand, could be a lot more affordable and would save you from the annoying hassle of returning them the day right after the wedding. Once your wedding has ended, you could pack them up in storage for the next occasion or sell them to another groom or bride-to-be looking to purchase. You could find smallware, utensils, barware, and more at affordable prices at H.C. Walterhoefer.

Save Money by Purchasing in Bulk

When catering your own wedding, purchasing in bulk is crucial for staying within your budget. You are most likely cooking for people than your usual meal, so you might have to purchase larger quantities of ingredients than you’re used to. This means smaller ingredients like sauces and spices might add up at the grocery store. Come into H.C. Walterhoefer for all of your catering and wedding supply needs, as we sell both in bulk!

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