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Creative Ways Your Restaurant Can Improve its Dining Services

Creative Ways Your Restaurant Can Improve its Dining Services

There are ways to improve this table turnover rate to help improve your restaurant’s operations and dining service.

In the dining industry, table turnover rate is hard to master. You want to seat as many people per meal as you possibly can, but you do not want to make them very feel rushed or unappreciated either. A lot of casual restaurants aim to turn their table three times throughout a night of dinner service or once every thirty minutes. While this sounds simple, it could be hard to do if you deal with diners who might linger a bit. There are ways to improve this table turnover rate to help improve your restaurant’s operations and dining service. Read on to learn more!

Have Organized Seating Set Up

One way for you to maximize table turnover is by having organized seating and reservation systems set in place. In order for this to actually happen, there has to be excellent communication between hosts and servers. As soon as a server collects a check and signals the busser to start cleaning the table, they should alert the hosts that their table will be available soon. This allows the host to gather the next party and have them ready to be seated right away. The sooner the host can get the hungry customers to their tables, the less time the tables will be empty. To help with your seating system, follow some of these tips:

  • Pre-assign tables to any guests already waiting in line, so they can be sat as soon as they open.
  • Have a waiting spot near the hostess stand
  • Accept only customers who walk in.

Update the Dining Room

If your restaurant is struggling to turn tables, then consider improving your dining room. Placing tables and chairs in the center of your dining room, away from any corners and walls, will encourage customers to eat much quicker. Since the middle of a room is typically the busiest and most hectic area in the restaurant, guests will eat faster. Another way to encourage customers to eat quicker is by providing them with all the necessary silverware, glassware, napkins, and plates right from the get-go. This way, they won’t have to keep bugging your servers for these items throughout the night. This might seem like a very trivial detail, but on a busy night when your servers are busy and running around, they could forget to grab these restaurant items. This can add a few minutes to the customers staying in your dining room.

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