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Essential Kitchen Equipment that All Restaurants Need

Essential Kitchen Equipment that All Restaurants Need

Picking the right restaurant kitchen equipment for your restaurant is important for success.

When opening up a restaurant or refurbishing an existing one, picking the right restaurant kitchen equipment is important for success. There are many different essential kitchen equipment items you will need, and luckily we have got you covered in this blog. It is important to know that different kinds of restaurants might require extra pieces of equipment or multiple styles that might not be located on this list. Instead, this list is meant to include various items that each restaurant will require, giving you a foundation that you can build on. Read on to learn which essential kitchen equipment items your restaurant can’t operate without!

Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment is a cornerstone of most commercial kitchen equipment. When picking cooking equipment for your eatery, make sure to consider all pieces of equipment that you will be using the most. While smaller pieces of equipment might be less pricey, they might not meet your capacity needs either if you will be using them long-term, costing your business a lot more in the long run. Some essential kitchen equipment you need are:

  • Deep Fryers: while deep dryers are great for fries, chicken tenders, or other customer favorites, you can use them for various foods too.
  • Grills: Charbroil grills and other grills impart a very smoky and charred flavor that is perfect for a lot of different recipes.
  • Holding Equipment: Holding cabinets can keep your foods at a specific temperature, which makes them great for holding food until it is ready to serve or proofing bread before you bake.
  • Microwave: a microwave is an easy way to heat up sauces, defrost those frozen foods, and re-heat certain products
  • Oven: the classic, versatile piece of equipment could be used for roasting, baking, braising, and much more. As a result of this, an oven, or various ovens depending on the business, is essential too.

Storage Equipment

Every eatery will need storage equipment for ingredients as well as smallware and equipment. Here are some excellent pieces of storage equipment you will find in some restaurants:

  • Drying Racks: these provide a spot to not only store equipment but also to air dry it. You can use these to dry your glassware, dinnerware, cutting boards, utensils, smallware, and more.
  • Shelves: you could use shelves in your walk-in cooler and freezer for storing different foods. You could also use shelves for storing pans, pots, dinnerware, and more.

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