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How to Design Your Restaurant’s Dining Room

How to Design Your Restaurant’s Dining Room

Dining room layouts have to meet government regulations, accommodate the guests, work with your floor plan, and leave your guests all feeling taken care of.

Your restaurant’s floor plan is a serious component of your restaurant’s concept. It helps set the scene for your guests’ overall dining experience and sets you apart from the competitors, but it is not just about the looks and aesthetics. Restaurant seating layouts have to meet government regulations, accommodate the guests, work with your floor plan, and leave your guests all feeling taken care of at their seats. Consider the following factors before opening or renovating your restaurant’s dining room.

Understanding Restaurant Seating Capacities and Regulations

Before you consider possible restaurant dining room design ideas, you must determine whether you will be using one or multiple different rooms and then allocate the available space. Local code requirements might determine how much square footage you’ll need for each customer, as well as the aisle width. Give your local fire department or other local government agency a call to figure out the measurements. Their decision will be heavily influenced by the number of seats and exits that are available at your venue. From here, you can finally set up your tables and chairs in the correct order.

Dining Room Furniture  

As you consider different types of furniture, reflect on your restaurant’s long-term goals and plans. The furniture you pick depends on whether you’re operating a fine dining or casual dining type of establishment. Fine dining guests might expect to have a high-quality atmosphere while they eat. Regardless of your dining room atmosphere, don’t sacrifice quality. Your furniture is a long-term investment. Therefore, you should avoid purchasing non-commercial furniture. The price of any commercial restaurant furniture reflects its ability to handle the everyday wear and tear.

Table Supplies

For all of your tables and booths, you must ensure that everyone is equipped with the necessary supplies for eating. This would include tablecloths if you decided that your restaurant is better suited for them. Make sure to have napkins (maybe in dispensers on the tables) as well as forks, spoons, knives, straws, and more. All of these can be laid out onto the tables and booths before the customers come in too. Your customers will greatly appreciate the extra care that you put into each individual table or booth.

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