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Which To-Go Food Containers Are Right for Your Restaurant?

Which To-Go Food Containers Are Right for Your Restaurant?

Having the proper type of to-go food containers is very important.

If you are like us, you have ordered more in the last three years than you ever have before. As the demand for getting restaurant food to go keeps on increasing consumer expectations rise all across the board – floppy pizzas aren’t going to cut it anymore. For any restaurant during this time and in the future, having the proper type of to-go food containers is very important. So which type of takeaway containers are the right fit for your establishment’s food? Read on for some pros and cons of usual materials for restaurant to-go containers!

Plastic Containers

Plastic take-out containers are protective and strong. Clear containers are an excellent choice you only get with plastic, and disposable plastic containers with strong lids are excellent for transporting soups. Since plastic containers hold in moisture well, they can make foods like fries or cheeseburger buns soggy. They are also the least environmentally friendly options. However, there are disposable take-out containers made from recycled plastics, which are nice if your restaurant is trying to go green.

Cardboard Containers

When it comes to to-go packaging, cardboard containers are a much more sustainable choice. They are also quite cost-effective and simple to customize. Corrugated cardboard take-out boxes even provide accurate insulation and regulate the temperature, which makes them an excellent choice for keeping pizzas hot and fresh.

Aluminum Containers

A more sustainable choice for keeping food warm are aluminum to-go containers, which are also recyclable. These disposable food containers with lids are good for hearty pastas, as well as personal-size pizzas and other types of hot dishes.

Styrofoam Containers  

Styrofoam to-go containers are one other option for temperature control. Styrofoam food containers are also light and sturdy and offer the option of safe-hinged carry-out boxes. However, Styrofoam to-go boxes do take a serious toll on the environment, so they might not be a good choice for your carbon footprint.

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