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The Best Ways to Roll Silverware and Smallware in Your Restaurant

The Best Ways to Roll Silverware and Smallware in Your Restaurant

Rolling silverware inside of a paper napkin is a convenient and quick process.

Rolling silverware inside of a paper napkin is a convenient and quick process. To do this, you’ll need a paper napkin, your preferred kind of silverware, and a paper napkin band as well. The napkin band isn’t required, but it allows you to create a much more appealing final product. Follow these steps to learn how to roll silverware properly.

Rolling Silverware with a Paper Napkin

  • Prepare the napkin: start by placing the paper napkin flat on your table
  • Position the knife: place your knife diagonally across your napkin. For the ideal results, extend the tip of the knife slightly beyond the corner of your napkin
  • Place additional utensils inside: stack the fork directly on top of your blade, followed by the spoon. The handles of all the utensils should be even with one another once they’re in place
  • Fold the bottom corners: hold the silverware in place with one of your hands and use the other hand to fold the bottom corner of the napkin up. This should cover the ends of the silverware.
  • Fold the side corners: continue holding the silverware in place. Then using your free hand, fold the side corner of the napkin inside so it partially covers the napkin handles. Make sure the napkin is folded correctly around the silverware but not too tight that it can rip.
  • Roll: with the folds finished, roll the silverware
  • Secure it with a napkin band: if you have a napkin band, secure it around the silverware wrap. These bands keep the silverware and smallware in place and add an additional layer of detail.

Rolling Silverware and Smallware in a Cloth Napkin

Rolling the silverware in a cloth napkin creates a much more upscale table setting. To do this, you will need a cloth napkin with some silverware and smallware. To do so, follow the following steps:

  • Place the napkin: start by placing the ironed cloth napkin flat on your table
  • Fold up the napkin: fold the napkin in half diagonally. This creates a triangular shape
  • Position the silverware: place the silverware in a neat stack on top of the napkin. Position the stack around the inner edge of the long side of the napkin.
  • The first fold: fold the left corner of the napkin right over the silverware.
  • The second fold: fold the right corner of the napkin right over the silverware. With both the corners folded in, the napkin should resemble the shape of an opened envelope.
  • Roll: keeping the silverware snug in place, roll the attack away from you. This results in the silverware being neatly wrapped and safe inside of the napkin.

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