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The Best Ways to Keep Your Restaurant’s Restrooms Clean

The Best Ways to Keep Your Restaurant’s Restrooms Clean

We have made a list of restroom cleaning tips for you to follow.

The last few years have made everyone take a serious look at their cleaning routines and habits. Foodservice, an industry that has always had strict cleaning rules, has needed to ramp it up ever since the COVID pandemic. And as diners are filling up dining rooms just as much as they were pre-2020, one area they are going to want to see kept clean is in eateries. Even prior to the pandemic, studies showed that restaurant customers see the bathroom as much more than just a bathroom. Many customers see it as a reflection of what the kitchen looks like, and a few customers will never return to your eatery after a dirty bathroom experience. To save you from an embarrassing dirty bathroom compliant to potentially reputation-damaging restaurant reviews, we have made a list of restroom cleaning tips. Read on to learn more!

Integrate Cleanings into Your Staff’s Everyday Duties

If you haven’t already, get the whole restaurant staff involved. Rotating bathroom cleaning responsibilities throughout the day will keep everyone moving even during slow times and keep things fair between everyone. The standard for cleaning frequency is once in the middle of the day and once again at closing, with checks occasionally 15 minutes throughout the workday. A check shouldn’t take more than a minute, picking up trash on the floor or looking for unsightly messes. For a full midday and closing-time cleanings, it will help to create a rotation of who is responsible for what. Nobody has to pick up the slack if everyone pitches in a bit.

Be Ready with the Right Cleaning Supplies

Commercial restrooms will need commercial cleaners and supplies. The first thing you’ll want is a strong, all-purpose cleaner. Strong does not have to mean harsh since you can find different options made of all-natural ingredients. Next, make sure your plungers, toilet brushes, and more are prepared for any challenge. If it has been a long amount of time since they’ve been replaced, it is probably time. Then you will want to take inventory of your paper towels, toilet paper, and other required day-to-day supplies. You can buy all of these cleaning supplies at H.C. Walterhoefer.

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