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Winning Tactics for Your Restaurant This Memorial Day Weekend

Winning Tactics for Your Restaurant This Memorial Day Weekend

We have put together an informative list of some of our top Memorial Day restaurant specials.

Memorial Day is an important day for remembering those who have given up their lives while serving in the United States armed forces. While many people celebrate this holiday weekend with backyard BBQs and other family gatherings, there is still a big portion of people that will dine out. For many, this is the unofficial first day of the summer and a three-day weekend. People will want to get out and about to enjoy the weather and their time off. Traffic to your restaurant can be up on this busy weekend. If you’d like to show your appreciation to veterans and other military families this holiday weekend but don’t know where to begin, we have put together an informative list of some of our top Memorial Day restaurant specials. Read on to learn more!

Specials for Veterans

Make veterans and military families feel special with promotions just for them. A few ideas can be a free meal, percentages off their meals, discounted drinks, and more. Have veterans show their military ID to get the discounts. There are many different ways to get creative with this, so feel free to experiment with additional deals and discounts.

Dining Outdoors

Do you have a nice outdoor patio or dining area? Nothing beats a relaxing day outside, having a meal with family and friends, especially during Memorial Day. A lot of people will be on the hunt for a nice outdoor area to eat. You can even set up activities for guests to enjoy and keep them around a bit longer. Cornhole and large Jenga towers could be a smart option if your eatery attracts families. If you have a more adult-themed crowd, how about beer and wine tasting? Pair that up with some live music, and you have the ideal Memorial Day set up for the weekend!

Give Back

What better way to show your true support for military families and veterans? There are a hanful of ways you can collect donations in your restaurant. You can collect diner donations and match what they decide to donate. Or, you can take a portion of every diner’s final bill and present it to a charity. You can even decide on a few charities and allow guests to decide where they can submit donations.

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