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The Importance of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Layout

The Importance of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Layout

Commercial kitchen equipment layout is mostly the arrangement of your equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment layout is mostly the arrangement of equipment, available space on the floor, and countertops to help provide maximum workspace efficiency for your kitchen staff. Therefore, while considering how to design a commercial kitchen layout, you must first decide where to place different machines, supplies, and gadgets. The goal is to create a spacious and comfortable space that can handle the busy nature of a kitchen. Read on to learn more!

Storage and Receiving

The commercial kitchen equipment layout begins with the organization of your receiving area. An ample parking lot during shipping and offloading is essential. The incoming inventory has to be transferred to your walk-ins, storage cabinets, and reach-ins. While installing these, try to leave enough room to effortlessly maneuver dollies and trucks around the storage and receiving areas without any spills. The proximity of the receiving dock to the walk-in coolers or freezers can help accelerate the process, lower labor, and eliminate the need for food transport carts, which helps keep your perishables more safe.

Food Preparation

The food prep station is the core of a commercial kitchen’s layout. The received and stored ingredients move to this area when needed. The loading dock must not be close to the food prep station not to slow down your procedures. However, more distance will mean more time. Refrigeration units could provide effective communication between the two. Also, plan your commercial sinks in this area of the kitchen and designate each for warewashing, handwashing, and rinsing your ingredients separately.

Cooking Stations

The cooking stations are typically the heart of the commercial kitchen equipment layout. The place will house heavy-duty cooking equipment such as ovens, fryers, ranges, and cookware such as pots, pans, and woks. The cooking volumes and restaurant size will help specify how many appliances you’ll need. Using combi equipment for menu versatility and space efficiently could be smart. Picking range-match equipment could create a seamless set of multiple cooking units. Two things merit extra diligence for sketching your commercial kitchen equipment layout for this entire station. To learn more about restaurant supplies and kitchen equipment setups, visit H.C. Walterhoefer today!

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