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How to Extend Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s Lifespan

How to Extend Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s Lifespan

Commercial kitchen equipment is some of the most valuable and indispensable items in restaurants.

Commercial kitchens work like clockwork to ensure a smoothly running operation. Commercial kitchen equipment is some of the most valuable and indispensable items in restaurants, and they handle the biggest part of the job. A lot of things could affect and shorten and extend commercial kitchen equipment lifespan, which affects the overall operation, kitchen workflow, and product quality too. To keep them working correctly and extend their lifespan, we have listed a few tips for you in this blog. Read on to learn more!

Consistent Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular and consistent cleaning and maintenance keep everything working accurately and well. It helps prevent grease buildup from causing malfunctions in your equipment, while maintenance ensures small issues are fixed before becoming serious issues. Consider cleanings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Cleaning the little stains and crumbs from the kitchen equipment each day will avoid grease buildups and other hardened stains, making your job easier while preventing health concerns and prolonging the life of the commercial kitchen equipment. Make sure you’re replacing broken components, cleaning out the vent hood and ducts, and also cleaning the grease filters for all the kitchen equipment and supplies.

Correct Use and Handling

Using commercial kitchen equipment the right way is another point that helps extend its lifespan. Knowing how to use each piece of equipment correctly and ensuring little yet essential maintenance points will significantly affect the performance and lifetime of your equipment.

Timely Repairs and Service

No matter how small the issue is, it can lead to bigger and more serious problems when not fixed. Inspecting the kitchen equipment consistently will help you detect damage and other issues earlier, saving money and extending the commercial kitchen equipment’s lifespan. Checking through it twice a week is a good idea.

Train the Staff on Equipment Usage

Training staff on equipment usage will help them deal with the equipment properly, preventing potential damages and extending the lifespan of the commercial kitchen equipment by a lot. Every employee should be taught on every piece of equipment’s usage, maintenance, and cleaning as well. Assigning employees to learn using different equipment will make it much easier and ensure they understand it entirely.

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