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Steps for Running a Successful Bar

Steps for Running a Successful Bar

The challenges of running a successful bar beyond just keeping your customers’ glasses filled.

Whether you manage a nightclub, pub, or brewery, the challenges of running a successful bar beyond just keeping your customers’ glasses filled. You have to ensure that you are well-stocked, serving tasty drinks, creating fun events to excite potential customers, and protecting yourself from any possible liabilities. While managing a pub might be hard, we broke it down into a few simple steps to help you make a bit of profit from your bar business. Read on to learn what you’ll need to run a successful bar!

Keep the Bar Stocked

Keeping the back stocked goes way beyond just filling your back bar cooler or fridge with liquor, beer, and wine. You will want to track which drinks your customers are drinking and which kinds of alcohol you are using more often than others. This will definitely allow you to adjust your orders, so you’ll spend less money on alcohol that is less popular, all while keeping your bar filled up with popular items and supplies. Stocking your nightclub or bar is also more than just the liquor and beer itself. Here are a few bar and restaurant supplies that you should always keep nearby:

  • Napkins
  • Glassware
  • Stirrers and straws
  • Mixing glasses
  • Liquor pourers
  • Cocktail shakers and strainers
  • Cocktail mixes
  • Garnishes

Create Some Signature Cocktails

While many customers might order popular drinks like rums and cokes or vodka sodas, creating unique and exclusive drinks for your establishment gives you a competitive edge over the other bars. Also, if you create your own craft cocktails, you could place them at a higher price than traditional beverages, which helps to increase your profit margin. While creating new cocktails and recipes, you will want to consider your target demographic and their overall preferences.

Hire Qualified Bartenders

The bar industry has a high turnover rate, which results in plenty of money wasted on training newer employees. Your bar can prevent this by implementing some strict standards while hiring and creating a brutal training regimen that weeds out any poor fits early on in the process. One of the best ways for bar managers to retain good employees is through incentives, bonuses, and more.

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