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How Paper Straws Can Benefit your Restaurant

How Paper Straws Can Benefit your Restaurant

There is one solution for your restaurant that you can feel good about: and that is paper straws.

Unless you’ve been sleeping for ten or so years, you have probably heard about the dangers of single-use plastics. Of all of the single-use plastics out there, plastic straws have gained the most media coverage for their awful effects on the planet. But there is one solution for your restaurant that you can feel good about: and that is plastic straws. We have compiled a helpful list if you need any further convincing on how your restaurant or company will benefit from using paper straws. Read on to learn more!

Plastic Straws Can’t Be Recycled, Ever

You may feel good throwing away your plastic straw into the recycling can, but there is no real shot that your straw will ever be recycled. Plastic straws are small enough that they can not make it through the mechanical sorters at recycling stations. This means that they will end up in landfills, the ocean, or elsewhere where they don’t belong, despite you actually trying to recycle them. It’s a good deed, but you have to know the dangers of plastics and excessively using them. This is why paper straws are a much better choice for the casual diner and recycler.

Plastics Straws Are Killing Marine Life

An estimated 70 percent of seabirds have recently been found dead with some kind of plastic in their stomachs, and this is just for birds who live off the ocean. For all marine animals that are currently swallowing plastic products, the mortality rate is around 50 percent. Nobody wants to be the one contributing to the dwindling levels of sea life in our planet’s oceans. Replacing plastic straws with paper could help save countless lives of innocent animals.

We Use Copious Amounts of Plastic Straws

Every year we throw away countless amounts of plastic straws just here alone in the United States. To cut back on the total amount of plastic straws used, making the switch to paper can really help the environment and help reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Paper Straws are Affordable

In recent years, the cost of paper straws that are biodegradable has gone down by a lot. Businesses are now able to buy paper straws in bulk for less than one dollar, which is quite affordable for your average restaurant or business. H.C. Walterheofer has these straws in bulk and a lot of other recyclable paper products!

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