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Famous Pie Recipes to Make at Your Restaurant

Famous Pie Recipes to Make at Your Restaurant

While warm pie is a winter staple, any season is an excellent time for pie.

While warm pie is a winter staple, any season is an excellent time for pie. Are you a restaurant owner looking to revamp their menu? If so, check out our delicious recommendations. The more rich desserts you have on your menu, the better. Here are a few famous pie recipes to make at your restaurant. 

Maple Walnut Cranberry Pie

Squirrels aren’t the only ones who go “nuts” over nuts. When you think about nuts, you might think of Planters or trail mix. However, nuts, specifically walnuts, are the perfect addition to a pie. Plus, sweet maple and tart cranberries are the ideal juxtapositions. When you create this mouth-watering pie, ensure you put much effort into crafting the dough. We suggest picking up a mixing bowl, pastry blender, and an old-fashioned rolling pin to ensure you have the best crust. After all, what is pie without crust? 

Apple Pie

Including a classic apple pie in your restaurant menu is never a bad idea. It’s an American staple and will make your customers feel comforted and happy. While there’s nothing wrong with having new takes on classics, we suggest you go for “Grandma’s apple pie.” Apple pie is a gooey, delectable treat that you can serve alone or in à la mode style. If you want to replicate this fan-favorite, use a portion scale, a dough cutter, and a spiralizer to peel your apples. 

Pumpkin Pie with Dark Chocolate 

Pumpkin pie is a staple on Turkey Day or any time during the fall. However, adding dark chocolate can twist a traditional pumpkin pie recipe. This appetizing recipe uses dark chocolate by sandwiching spicy pumpkin between a chocolate crust and a topping. The result will be a fun pumpkin pie that customers will be excited to try. You’ll need a high-quality food processor to make intricate fillings and a pie slicer to ensure everyone gets their fair and even share of dark chocolate pumpkin pie. 

One last piece of advice is always to include seasonal ideas in your restaurant menu. For example, we recently published cool ideas that you can take advantage of for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, you want to guarantee that your core dishes are delicious. However, you can attract customers even more when you give them something new and exciting to try. And whenever you need a restaurant, food service, or bakery products and supplies, you can count on H.C. Walterhoefer. We have all the equipment you need

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