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All the Equipment You Need to Start a Coffee Shop

All the Equipment You Need to Start a Coffee Shop

If you are ready to take your new coffee shop from a dream to reality, then check out our coffee shop equipment list.

You have a great business plan for opening up your coffee shop, a nice location, and the perfect name with a sweet logo to go with it. Now that it’s time to set up your shop, you may be unsure where to begin. Even though specific requirements vary from each business to business, there are a few essential items that coffee shops require. If you are ready to take your new coffee shop from a dream to reality, then check out our coffee shop equipment list in this blog. Read on to learn more!

Espresso, Coffee, and Beverage Equipment

Out of everything you buy to equip your coffee shop for the opening day, the espresso, coffee, and beverage equipment are some of the most important. These things can directly correlate with the quality of drinks you provide and your ability to serve them to all customers as quickly as possible. Also, a few of these supplies will let you to expand your menu to include a lot of non-coffee beverages to appeal to different customers. You will need a regular coffee grinder, coffee brewers, air pots, decanters, coffee roasters, ice tea brewers, hot water dispensers, and blenders for frappes and smoothies.

Barista Tools and Equipment

Coffee lovers in all places will tell you that making the ideal cup of coffee is an art form. To help create your masterpiece, you will need a variety of different barista tools that provide all of the finishing touches on every drink you serve. Whether you’re serving coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, these important supplies take your drink menu to the very next level. You’ll need espresso tampers, frothing pitchers, knock boxes, measuring spoons and cups, portion scales, syrup pumps, and frothing thermometers too.

Coffee Shop Accessories

Adding a few coffee shop accessories transforms your establishment from a quick morning grab-and-go stop to a more comfortable coffee shop that feels like home. Encourage your loyal customers to study and stay, work, relax, socialize, and more with a few easy additions. These include coffee mugs and tea cups, espresso cups, sugar pourers, creamers, coffee filters, and more. All of these will help your coffee shop truly transform.

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