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Three Restaurant Desserts That Most Customers Will Enjoy

Three Restaurant Desserts That Most Customers Will Enjoy

Make sure you are smart about your desserts in your restaurant.

Every restaurant owners know the age-old question of, “would you prefer to see our dessert menu?” the answer is usually yes, but actually selling dessert can be challenging. After all, it is much easier for customers to dismiss a brand-new menu than an entrée, cocktail, or appetizer. We start thinking about the bills, relieving the babysitter, or how a piece of cake could impact our latest New Year’s dieting resolution. However, dessert should not be a strategic decision, it should be a lovely sweet treat or a cherry on top of the enjoyment of eating at a restaurant. After all, who has the time to whip up a chocolate bundt cake at their house? Do not put your customers through an extensive thought exercise. Make sure you are smart about your desserts and make them an offer they cannot refuse by ensuring these dessert types are on your restaurant menu. Read on to learn more!

Indulgent Desserts

Sometimes a dessert can sell itself. Delectable and indulgent treats are the sirens of any type of menu. These are the desserts that make a customer gasp, point at your menu, and say to their date, “check out this!” Indulgent desserts are rich in temptation and flavor. These are for those who crave and deserve something sweet and rich to celebrate. Think about molten lava cake, crème Brule, or endless layers of Dobos torte. A millionaire’s shortbread is a nice example. Three layers of buttery shortbread, thick caramel, and chocolate are begging to be baked for your customers.

Familiar Desserts

Not everyone is as romantic or as daring as your indulgent connoisseurs. Sometimes the very best way to end a meal is a dish that will make you feel comfortable and safe at home. The best kind of desserts are chocolate chip cookies, bread pudding, and key lime pie to make your customers feel secure enough to treat themselves to some dessert.

Guilt-Free Desserts

Is it too much to ask for dessert that does not make you feel bad for eating it? Not one bit! Allow them to have their own cake and eat it, too, by offering some guilt-free dessert alternatives. Consider serving gluten-free carrot cake to convince your customers that eating their vegetables can be the most fun part of dinner.

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