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Cutting the Pie: Your Guide to Essential Pizza Shop Supplies

Cutting the Pie: Your Guide to Essential Pizza Shop Supplies

When you are opening a restaurant, there are all kinds of supplies you’ll need.

When you are opening a restaurant, there are all kinds of supplies you’ll need. When the restaurant is going to be a pizzeria, these supplies become more specific. Whether you hope to specialize in Chicago style, New York style, Italian-authentic, or something else, consider these as a few of the most essential tools you’ll need. Even if you want to upgrade your pizza cooking skills at home, the tools in this blog should still be high on your list. Read on to learn more!

Bench Scrapers

Bench scrapers are an essential tool that has multiple uses. They’re handy for cutting pizza dough to make smaller crusts. They’re also perfect for scraping up pieces of leftover dough after rolling out the dough. This makes work more efficient since it’s easier to clean your surface, and you will waste less dough. Lastly, this tool can also be used for picking up and moving sliced ingredients to the cutting surface of your pizza.


Measuring cups and spoons aren’t accurate, and ingredient quantity is important when it comes to baking. Using a scale will ensure that the proper amount of every ingredient goes into your dough every time. Using a digital scale makes this easier. Of course, the scale could also be used for other kitchen tasks, like ensuring you’ve got a consistent amount of toppings every time.

Pizza Wheels

A pizza wheel is typically the go-to tool for cutting pizzas since it rolls seamlessly and smoothly, cutting the dough without messing up the cheese or toppings. When you use a normal knife, dragging it across will cause the cheese to slide along with it, messing up the pizza.

Pizza Peels

Pizza peels are the long-handled, paddle-like tools that you’d use to place pizza inside of the oven and to take the baked pizza out. You may assume that you only need one of these for both uses, but that isn’t the case. Raw pizza dough will stick to metal pizza peels a lot more than wooden ones. When cooking your pizza, you should always use a wooden pizza peel. The wooden ones will not work when retrieving your pizza since they’re usually too thick to fit underneath the pizza. A metal pizza peeler is what you’d need to slip under the pizza pie and bring it out of the oven.

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