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The Best Ways for Your Restaurant to Go Green

The Best Ways for Your Restaurant to Go Green

Read on for some helpful tips on how your eatery can go green!

Reducing your own restaurant’s total energy consumption amount can lower the utility costs and help save the environment. Various food service professionals have been adopting various energy conservation methods for the last few years and have all reduced their energy usage levels and expenses by a significant margin. You can do many things around the restaurant to help improve your carbon footprint. Read on for some helpful tips on how your eatery can go green through water and electricity usage!

Use Cutting Edge Equipment for Energy Efficiency  

Commercial food preparation equipment will contribute a significant deal to your restaurant’s overall consumption of energy, but your restaurant’s equipment does not have to guzzle down every bit of your resources. Many manufacturers offer equipment that will use just fractions of the energy of the older models, and making the switch can save your restaurant thousands of dollars every year. High-efficiency fryers could help you save money on fryer oils and utilities. High-efficiency dish machines can also work similarly, so consider a few if you want your restaurant to go green in the future.

Shut Down Any Idle Equipment

Conserving energy can be as easy as just turning off your light switches. This might sound easy, but plenty of restaurants waste billions of dollars every month since they leave out idle equipment during all hours at night. Consider installing some timers for your restaurant’s lights outside or install solar-powered outdoor lights that can charge themselves. Buying equipment with smart control technology that will allow you to start appliances while you’re away is a great idea as well. If you take some time to observe when your kitchen equipment is being used the most, you can create a schedule for stopping them and starting them up. You can save plenty of cash and energy during the process.

Think About Investing in Green, Environmentally-Friendly

Green, environmentally friendly paper products such as napkins, straws, and utensils all go a long way towards ensuring that your restaurant practices some type of green-friendly methods. These kinds of products are able to be recycled entirely, which is something you are only sometimes able to do with any single-use plastics. Customers will normally notice the difference, and it will be an excellent look for your restaurant. Consider visiting H.C. Walterhoefer to purchase our green, eco-friendly products in bulk.

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