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Smart Ways to Efficiently Store Your Restaurant and Catering Supplies

Smart Ways to Efficiently Store Your Restaurant and Catering Supplies

Read on for a handful of tips for self-storage for catering and restaurant supplies!

It’s well known that self-storage is a safe, easy, and convenient way for restaurants to store their additional office inventory, equipment, and other documents. Businesses of all industries can use different self-storage methods, from smaller closet-sized storage units set up and organized neatly for document storage or even as a shipping space for smaller businesses. All kinds of businesses, contractors, and larger corporations are excellent matches for business storage solutions. Other kinds of companies that could benefit from self-storage are restaurants and caterers. Plenty of catering businesses and restaurants run out of storage room quickly. They need spots to store all of their additional furniture, restaurant supplies, glassware, holiday supplies, and dishes. Read on for a handful of tips for self-storage for catering and restaurant supplies!

Catering Supply Storage Tips

It is important to keep a running inventory in your storage area for any company, but more for those requiring supply and equipment space. Also, keep a close list at your business of the items you currently hold in storage. This will help you closely monitor what you have and what you could need for later dates.

Things to Keep in Your Self-Storage Space

There are a few different items and other catering supplies to keep in your self-storage unit. These include:

–      Additional dinnerware and equipment: restaurants can use a self-storage unit to supply extra tables or supplies. This includes flatware, cutlery, dishes, and smallware.

–      Additional cooking suppliesrestaurants can store their excess dishes, pots, pans, or other kinds of restaurant supplies or appliances. One simple storage tip is making sure that your glassware and dishes are wrapped up and packaged correctly to prevent them from breaking during transit.

Things to Keep in Your Catering Self-Storage Space

Caterers can also rent storage space that is more important for their events and other business plans. Some of these include:

  • Food displays: depending on the kinds of food that are being catered, you could need different food displays at your own event. To keep these from cluttering your business, consider keeping them in storage until you use them.
  • Offseason objects: the busiest of seasons for most caterers are hot summer months and the holidays. During the “offseason,” caterers need a place to keep their dishes, furniture, chairs, and catering supplies.

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