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The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Restaurant for Summer 2024

The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Restaurant for Summer 2024

There are still ways you can improve your restaurant for this upcoming summer.

The restaurant industry is back to being in good shape after a rough few years of the COVID-19 pandemic. While everyone has mostly adjusted to life post-pandemic by eating out, there are still ways you can improve your restaurant for this upcoming summer. Read on for some easy ways to improve your current restaurant’s operations for summer 2024!

Outdoor Dining Setup 

Outdoor dining was a true mainstay of the pandemic, and it is now a mainstay and a highlight for those who want to enjoy the nice weather. Just because people can eat inside if they wish to doesn’t mean you should neglect your outdoor dining space if you have the option. Make sure you have the right types of chairs, tables, silverware, napkins, and other restaurant supplies that are made for outdoor dining.

Team Up with Some Local Events 

Keep an eye on your local calendar for your town, city, or neighborhood. If there’s a popular event happening, try to work it into your advertising or menu. Make sure that the community you are a part of sees that you’re paying attention to what’s happening and that you value their culture and traditions. This way, connecting with and attracting them will be much easier.

Highlight a Specific Night 

Along the same lines, most areas have seasonal events on specific nights of the week. Some popular nights during the summer include Thursdays and Fridays. Take advantage of this concept and build a special menu or have some type of event happening at your restaurant on these days, like live music, trivia, or happy hour specials. If there isn’t something like this happening at all near your restaurant, consider being the first!

Refresh Your Menus 

The build-up to summer is a nice time to refresh your menus and try out something new. Most people don’t enjoy heavy meals in the heat, so consider updating our salad offerings to help highlight lighter fare. Holidays are also a nice time to add special menus or items, and the summer has plenty of them. Besides the obvious fireworks shows, there are all kinds of national days to capitalize on. A few to consider are National Tequila Day on July 24th in your restaurant’s bar or National S’mores Day on August 10th with some form of special dessert.

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