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How to Improve Your Restaurant this Summer

How to Improve Your Restaurant this Summer

Get your restaurant booming business this summer with these ideas!

The past year and a half have been difficult, to say the least. And while everyone has had to adjust in some way in response to the pandemic, the food and beverage industry has really taken a beating. Running a restaurant is hard in the best of times, and these have not been the best of times. However, it feels like we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in many ways, so now is a good time to look for ways to improve your restaurant this summer and hopefully give your business a much-needed boost. 

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining was a mainstay of the pandemic, but it also a highlight of summer for many people. Just because people can eat inside again, don’t forget to take care of those outdoor eating areas. Many people will still hesitate to eat inside, and honestly, those outdoor summer dinners or barbecues are still just fun. 

Align With Local Events

Keep an eye on the local calendar for your neighborhood, town, or city. If there is a popular event happening, work it into your menu or advertising. Make sure that the community you’re a part of sees that you pay attention to and values their culture. This way, it will be easier to connect with and attract them. 

Highlight Friday Night

Along the same lines, many areas have seasonal events on Friday nights, such as “First Fridays,” which happen on the first Friday of the month. Take advantage of these and build a special or have an aligning event on that evening. If there isn’t something like that in your area, consider starting it!

Refresh Those Menus

The run-up to summer is a great time to refresh your menus and try something new. Many people don’t like super heavy meals in the heat, so consider updating your salad offerings to highlight lighter fare. Holidays are also a great time to add special menus or items, and the summer is full of them. Besides the obvious firework fiestas, there are numerous “national [whatever] days” to capitalize on: celebrate National Tequila Day on July 24th in your bar or National S’mores Day of August 10th with a special dessert.

Bring Back “The Regulars”

One of the hardest parts of the pandemic was missing the regular faces that would come in every week or even every night. If you can, get in touch with that existing client base and welcome them back with specials or even a private event to remind them of how important they are. 

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