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Which Knives and Silverware Does Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Need?

Which Knives and Silverware Does Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Need?

Commercial kitchen knives are needed for any kitchen since they are used for handling different tasks.

Commercial kitchen knives are needed for any kitchen since they are used for handling different tasks, from chopping and slicing additional items. Kitchen knives are the brushes of chefs with which they perform their own art, and using the proper kitchen knives for the right tasks will affect the processes’ ease and efficiency and also the food’s quality. We have prepared this commercial knife guide, including the various kinds of knives, usage spaces, and materials to help you pick the best one. Read on to learn more!

The Main Considerations for Picking the Right Commercial Kitchen Knives

You should consider three aspects before picking a commercial kitchen knife: the kind, maintenance, and material of the knife. So, it is decisive to know all of the types of which style works better for which task before picking a commercial kitchen knife.

One kind that is commonly used is a butcher knife. Butcher knives are used to trim and cut big pieces of meat with straight blades they feature that are usually 12 inches long. Boning knives are actually used to separate meat from bones and trim fat and fillet fish. Boning knives’ blades are generally five to seven inches long. They are usually straight or curved. Bread knives are a good choice, and they have serrated edges that neatly cut slices through bread, no matter the type of bread you’re cutting. A bread knife is usually six to ten inches long, and a few might feature offset blades.

Kitchen Knife Maintenance

Maintenance will keep everything working seamlessly and new. Especially for commercial kitchen knives, honing, and sharpening are musts to avoid the reduction in production quality and ensure efficiency in your kitchen. Sharpening removes any tiny steel bits from the blade’s edge, leaving a sharpening edge. Since the sharpening steel removes metal from your blade, it should not be done on each use. Honing steel provides less harshness to the blade by removing only a small bit from the steel of your blade. On the other hand, honing refers to straightening out an already sharp knife’s edge that could be rolled in time. Once the tip of the knife rolls and loses its form, then it can no longer touch the cutting board, which results in sloppy cuts. If you’d like to learn more about knives and silverware for your restaurant, visit H.C. Walterhoefer!

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