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Which Kind of Pizza Cutter Works Best for Your Restaurant?

Which Kind of Pizza Cutter Works Best for Your Restaurant?

We at H.C. Walterhoefer have pizza cutters available to buy in bulk.

There is a very famous phrase that goes, “you better cut a pizza into four slices since I am not hungry to eat fix.” This is a saying that could apply to different people while ordering a pizza. It is not necessarily a calorie-cutting mantra, but it does raise the question: which is what really is the best way to cut your pizza? We at H.C. Walterhoefer have pizza cutters available to buy in bulk, so we would like to analyze this question for both you and your restaurant. Read on to learn which type of pizza cutter will work best for your eatery!

Rolling Pizza Cutter

The rolling pizza cutter is one of the most well-known kinds of pizza cutters, and it is a practical and simple way to cut up your pizzas. These pizza cutters have a handle attached to a circular blade on them for you to easily roll across the surface of your pizza. Rolling cutters come in different sizes and shapes, but there are a few things to look for while you’re shopping for one. First, make sure the cutters you’re considering have an easy-to-grab handle and are comfortable, too. Comfortable handles will give you a firm grip to cut properly on the first pass. Second, make sure your wheel on the pizza cutter is sharp. Although it is easier than using a knife, rolling cutters work well with angled and sharpened edges.

Rocking Pizza Cutter

A rocking pizza cutter is another great way to cut your pizza, but they do work differently from their rolling counterparts. These pizza cutters have half-moon-shaped blades on the bottom where you’d grip the top. Just like a rolling cutter, the rocking cutter has a name that tells you how to use it. Just start off from one side, place it down firmly, and quickly cut to the other side of the pizza.

Pizza Shear Cutter

You may think of a landscape trimming some hedges when you think of the word shears, but here we’re talking about pizza-cutting shears. It might sound weird, but this tool has been popular since it was introduced. You lift one side of a pizza, snip it to the center of your pile, and repeat until you’ve got the perfect slice.

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