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What Equipment Do You Need for a New Food Truck?

What Equipment Do You Need for a New Food Truck?

The correct food truck equipment and layout is so crucial to help ensure a profitable and efficient business operation.

Food trucks are essentially restaurants on wheels. Whenever you stop to think about it, they all require the same areas that a typical restaurant does – preparation, cook lines, storage, dishwashing, and service, all in one compacted area. Since they’re mobile, food trucks also have to be self-contained and be able to carry their own water supply, utilities, and infrastructure as well. This is why the correct food truck equipment and layout is so crucial to help ensure a profitable and efficient business operation. This blog contains a list of some considerations and other recommendations for anyone aspiring to start their new food truck. Read on for a list of equipment you’ll need for a new food truck!

Food Truck Equipment That Is Required by Law

Before you create your food truck and buy equipment, do a bit of research to find out which local regulations will be required first. In many areas, food truck regulations will differ from restaurant regulations, so it is important to be proactive and do some close research. Health codes, fire codes, and other rules should require you to have:

– Three-compartment sinks for cleaning off dishes

– Exhaust food with fire suppression systems

– A separate sink for employees to wash their hands

– Water heater

– Mechanical systems like water tanks, plumbing, electrical wiring, and gas lines too

Many states require food truck operators to use licensed commercial kitchens to help store and prepare any ingredients and help provide cleaning and sanitation support for your new food truck. If this is the case for your food truck, you might need less cooking equipment in the truck and much more warming or holding equipment, like hot food wells, convection ovens, and hot boxes.

Food Truck Equipment and Supplies

Like food service operations, the menu dictates which equipment you need. Are you making burgers and hot dogs? You will want a grill or charbroilers. Making pizza pies? Then, a pizza oven is required. Think about your food truck concept and operations procedures carefully before you go and buy equipment. For example, fryers need special safety measures to help prevent grease spills and fires in your own mobile kitchen. Canned sodas may be easier to store rather than a traditional ice machine or carbon dioxide tanks for foundation soda beverages as well. Keep this in mind while you look for food truck equipment.

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