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Considerations to Make While Buying Restaurant Takeout Containers

Considerations to Make While Buying Restaurant Takeout Containers

The quality, materials, and style of takeout containers all leave a lasting impact on customers who decide to order carry-out from your eatery.

Did you know that your restaurant’s disposables could make or break your customer’s takeout experience? The quality, materials, and style of takeout containers all leave a lasting impact on customers who decide to order carry-out from your eatery. You might not have even thought about the lasting impact a restaurant supply could really leave on your restaurant’s reputation. Read on to learn about the true importance of high-quality takeout containers and discover the very best disposables for your restaurant!

The Importance of Top-Notch Disposables

As a restaurant manager, there are excellent ways to cut costs, but ordering the most affordable restaurant disposables is not one of them. Investing in something that will be used once and tossed away might not sound like a smart business move. However, buying quality disposables is much more important than you think. When your customers order a takeout order, they will expect the same delicious tasting in a convenient package that could be taken anywhere. Buying high-quality disposables will not only prevent any spills or leaks on the drive home, but it will also protect the quality of your food.

Picking the Proper Takeout Container

There is a perfect to-go container for each thing on your menu. Choosing the right one for your restaurant will ensure that your customers will have the right experience every time. Takeout containers are typically made up of plastic, PLA, or foam. Besides material, you should also be aware of the different kinds of disposables.

  • Clamshells are good for solid foods like pasta and sandwiches
  • Bio Packs are a versatile option that will pair up well with liners to prevent spills
  • Salad bowls are the best option for preventing soggy vegetables
  • Soup cups are a nice choice for keeping both liquid foods cold and hot
  • Foil takeout pans will not leak sauce or juices at the bottom
  • Specialty containers will keep specialty foods like sushi and pizza fresh
  • To-go cups will keep both hot and cold cups on hand with a set of matching lids

If reducing waste isn’t important to you, there are also a lot of eco-friendly options. Investing in takeout containers that are recyclable, compostable, or made from post-consumer recycled content will help you achieve your goals while showing your customers your effort to go green.

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