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The Most Efficient Ways to Cater a Wedding

The Most Efficient Ways to Cater a Wedding

There a few ways to cater your own wedding and decide if a DIY reception menu will suit you the best!

It is no secret or shock that weddings come at a cost. Now that we’re in Spring, wedding season is almost upon us. From feeding your guests alone, the cost can add up fast if you have a classic, large-scale wedding. A DIY reception menu is a possible solution to help alleviate the costs. Self-catered weddings involve plenty of strategic budgeting and planning. However, they’re also able to create an affordable, creative, and fun celebration. If you are a couple that considers themselves certified chefs, then this idea is right up your alley. Here are a few ways to cater your own wedding and decide if a DIY reception menu will suit you the best!

Decide on the Best Way to Serve Your Reception Meal

Whatever food service style you decide to go with, you want to make sure that there is a minimal amount of stress on your wedding day. A full-course meal will require multiple small dishes while also creating an action station that has plenty of toppings and other fixings. Buffet-styled weddings require more food but a lot less labor. It is a good idea to have the food squared away before the ceremony begins, and hire people to carry appetizer trays to help clear your guests’ plates.

Create a Personal and Minimalistic Menu

Imported ingredients and other intricate dishes are both appealing and unique. However, if you are preparing it yourself, you should keep the wedding menu minimalistic. If you are serving many guests, pick dishes that are not costly or labor intensive either. It is best to stick with a recipe that you are used to cooking and make it in bulk versus trying out a new recipe. It is a good idea to use a beloved family recipe that highlights your culture instead of feeling pressured to cook different entrees and side dishes you’ve never made before.

Purchase the Food Supplies to Help Cater Your Wedding in Bulk

You can count on H.C. Walterhoefer to provide you with personalized party, paper, and food service products. It can be expensive to rent reception supplies. Plus, you will have to stress over returning a few of the products without any damage. Ownership means that you do not have to worry about returning anything. You will also be able to marvel at every keepsake and use them again whenever you want. Buying in bulk makes sense for occasions like this, so visit us today!

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