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Getting Your Restaurant Prepared for St. Patrick’s Day 2024

Getting Your Restaurant Prepared for St. Patrick’s Day 2024

There are a handful of things you could do to get your restaurant prepared for St. Patrick’s Day the correct way!

We’re now in March, which means spring is on the horizon, and retail stores are filling their shelves with green clothes and hats, and restaurants and bars are both preparing for one of the busiest days of the year – St. Patrick’s Day. Is your establishment ready for the impending rush of green-shirted patrons who are prepared to celebrate this holiday? This day is a marathon for most of your customers, but it is also the same for your employees if you’re not prepared. Read on for a handful of things you could do to get your restaurant prepared for St. Patrick’s Day the correct way!

Create a St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Offer a few Irish-themed drink specials and food for all your customers. Green drinks, Irish whiskey, and Guinness are St. Patrick’s Day staples. For your special food menu, consider a few clever ways to incorporate foods like corn, beef, cabbage, or shepherd’s pie in your menu. Get with your staff to help create a specialized menu. They’re a lot more likely to remember the menu items for the holiday by involving them. Keep it efficient and simple so the staff will be able to take, make, and deliver the drinks and food both easily and quickly.

Stock Your Restaurant’s Inventory Accordingly

Look at some of your reports from the last year to find out which menu items were some of your best-sellers. Use this information and your St. Patrick’s Day menu to find out the quality of each item you should have stocked for the holiday. Look in the storage room for supplies, and if you’re starting to run low on supplies, order the items a few weeks in advance so you can rest easily knowing your restaurant is fully prepared. This includes smallware, silverware, napkins, plates, and more.

Equip the Restaurant Staff for Success

Make sure you’ve got plenty of money in your register to get your team through their shifts without having to look around for change. You don’t want your bartenders or servers to run out of small bills and have to use their own tip money to make change. Stock your bar with plastic cups as well. There isn’t anything worse than a bartender running out of glasses during a busy holiday.

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