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Food Safety Tips to Follow in Your Restaurant

Food Safety Tips to Follow in Your Restaurant

Now is a great time to review how to practice correct food safety and sanitation practices in your restaurant.

It is never too late to learn more about food safety, and now is a great time to review how to practice correct food safety and sanitation practices in your restaurant. With summer arriving, more and more people will be coming out to eat, so it’s important to know how to stay clean to bring in revenue. To help, we have compiled a list of free and effortless ways to practice good food safety practices in your own restaurant. Read on to learn our most helpful food safety tips!

Food Safety, Food Storage, and Correct Temperature Control

Improper food storage and temperature control could easily lead to serious foodborne illnesses. There are simple ways to prevent food spoilage and avoid what is known as the “danger zone” for temperatures, which is around 40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to:

  • Always store your food in air-tight containers
  • Follow the first in, first out rules
  • Don’t overload your fridge or freezers
  • Keep track of your fridge and freezer’s temperature
  • Consider using infrared thermometers

Handling Your Food

As a reasonable and average restaurant owner, you should be taking the proper safety precautions from the minute you receive inventory to the time that its served to your customers. For stocking, make sure that your storage areas are cleaned down with cleaning supplies and organized as neatly as possible. Always put the newest items in the back and store your raw meat, seafood, and poultry in sealed bags into air-tight containers to help prevent cross-contamination. For cooking, remind your kitchen staff to help wash their hands and cooking surfaces as often as possible. Wash your produce thoroughly and make sure all raw foods are cooked to a safe internal temperature. To keep the whole staff safe, keep your kitchen stocked with all types of personal safety items, such as oven mitts. Remember to serve food on cleaned plates, and do not ever place cooked food on a surface that has been in touch with food products that could be raw.

Kitchen Cleaning and Equipment Used

Keep your commercial kitchen stocked with different kinds of cleaning supplies and educate your team on pest avoidance and proper waste management. Food scraps should be disposed of each day to prevent pests and other types of contamination.

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