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The Do’s and Don’ts of Any Catering Event

The Do’s and Don’ts of Any Catering Event

The key to any successful event is a good catering service.

Catering is one of the most crucial parts of any event planning process. After all, food is a top priority for hosts and guests alike. Food brings us together, so catering to your next event can grant you the peace of mind of leaving complicated organization and preparation to professionals who you can trust to cook a delicious spread for your guests. When it comes to catering events, there are a few things to look out for. Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts of any catering event.

Do: Budget Wisely

The key to planning any catering event is smart budgeting. Know your budget before talking to potential caterers. Since there can sometimes be unexpected costs involved with setup, preparation, and more, you should leave some room to plan for the unexpected. This will help your caterer account for any day-of problems or last-minute issues.

Don’t: Change Things Last Minute

Caterers spend a lot of time setting routines into place and planning for the often-stressful setup and preparation of an event. Making changes at the last minute can give your caterer unnecessary stress, resulting in mistakes or costly bumps in the road on the day of. It’s challenging to adjust catering once the plans have been finalized, so changing plans or adding guests at the last minute is a significant catering don’t.

Do: Provide Menu Choices

A variety of menu choices is key when it comes to planning a large event. When meeting with your caterer, discuss menu choices. Professional caterers account for some common dietary restrictions, preferences, and even allergies. They can provide valuable insight into the number of options that are typically standard for an event, and how you can make sure all your guests get a delicious meal.

Don’t: Give Your Caterer An Unrealistic Timeframe

Catering takes serious planning and work ahead of time. You’ll want to plan with plenty of time to confirm details about your venue, the necessary equipment for your caterer, the number of confirmed guests, and more.

Do: Plan for Bad Weather

When it comes to event planning, the weather should always be a major consideration. This is especially true if any of your events are meant to take place outdoors. Bad weather can require you to move much of the event to an indoor location, so be sure to have a plan “B” in place. Be sure to keep your caterer in the loop about backup plans in case of bad weather!

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