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Equipment You Need to Open a New Eatery

Equipment You Need to Open a New Eatery

Prepare for your big opening by purchasing all the right equipment for your restaurant needs.

The decision to open a restaurant is an exciting one, but it is also one filled with daunting questions. One of the biggest for new restauranteurs is about the types of equipment they will need in the kitchen. Some of the items are universal while others are highly specialized, but this list will be a good one to get you started.

General Needs

Before you buy a single piece of equipment, make sure you know all of the local and regional health codes to which you are subject. It will only waste everyone’s time if you buy something that you can’t use and have to send it back. Once you know those codes, you can purchase versions of the standard equipment, which just about every restaurant needs, that are up to code. These include sinks, especially a scullery sink and hand sinks, as well as prep tables, ice machines, walk-in coolers, fridges, convection ovens, dishwashers, and ranges. Figuring out your list of essential appliances is a good place to start.

Menu And Cuisine Specific

Once you’ve established the basics, you can move on to the specialized equipment. What you need will depend on your restaurant concept, the type of cuisine you handle, and the menu you hope to serve. After all, a pizza joint doesn’t need a hibachi table, but it might benefit from a salad bar. It depends on what you plan to offer in terms of menu and type of service. Take a moment to walk through the menu with your chef and detail exactly what equipment you’ll need for every single dish. If you only have one menu item that needs to be deep-fried, you can purchase a much smaller unit rather than a standard, large one.

Volume Projections

The last thing you should consider before purchasing is your projections for performance. Of course, you want your restaurant to do well, but what are you actually expecting? Will there be a slow rise in popularity because your venue is off the beaten path, or will the rush of college kids returning to the campus next door overwhelm you? If you do experience a high-volume night early on, will you have the equipment to make all of the items on the menu at the same time? These are questions to consider before deciding on the size and quantity of your appliances.

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