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The Essential Party Supplies and Foods for a Football Tailgate

The Essential Party Supplies and Foods for the Perfect Football Tailgate

A football tailgate is the best way to bring fans together.

We’re in the thick of football season right now, and if you’re wondering how to throw the perfect football tailgate party, you’ve come to the right place. You’re going to need some basic party supplies, but the most important combination to go with football is definitely the food spread. Here are a few tailgating tips and tricks that will keep your friends and family talking about until next season.

Game-Winning Supplies

Before you even get started on throwing this party, you’re going to want to check off all of the party supplies off your list. For grilling, you should have plastic gloves and plastic aprons to serve clean food. Some other party supplies you’ll need are table covers. Plastic table covers are easy to place on multiple tables, and are easy to clean up because all you have to do is wrap up the table cover with the rest of the trash and toss it in the trash. Lastly, make sure you’ve got plenty of utensils and plates for your guests. Make sure you’ve got enough for everyone to enjoy the food that you’ve cooked up. H.C. Walterhoefer provides all of these in bulk, which is perfect for your gridiron group party.

First Place Foods

Now time for the good stuff – the food. You might be wondering what kinds of foods are common for tailgate parties, and the answer is quite simple. Hamburgers and hot dogs are the go-to’s, but what else? Some of the easiest foods to prepare are:

  • Chili is an easy dish that everyone enjoys. Feel free to use ground beef, chili, turkey or sausage. You can even use it as a spread for hot dogs.
  • Mac and Cheese is loved by everyone. This can even be a stadium-side treat, just prepare it at home in a foil pan, wrap it up and drop it on your grill when you’re in the midst of your football party.
  • Chicken Wings are another fan favorite. You can smoke them, roast them, or grill them – making them very easy to prepare. Toss them in your favorite sauce or seasoning and make sure you’ve got plenty of paper napkins as well as ranch or blue cheese.
  • Snowballs are an easy sweet treat after you’ve pounded back the rest of your food. All you need is an ice shaving machine and some flavored syrups. H.C. Walterhoefer provides all the party supplies you need for snowballs as well.

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