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Innovative Ways for Your Eatery to Go Green

Innovative Ways for Your Eatery to Go Green

Going green is appealing to all of your customers, but it could also help your restaurant cut back on some food costs and save expenses on any utilities in use.

Customers are now much more concerned with eco-friendliness, which makes it crucial for restaurants and eateries to adapt to these changes. Going green is appealing to all of your customers, but it could also help your restaurant cut back on some food costs and save expenses on any utilities in use. While you’re in the process of going green in your eatery could seem like a big task, there are all kinds of quick and easy changes your eatery can make this year to reduce its overall impact on the environment. Read on to learn more!

What Does It Mean By “Going Green?”

Going green involves pursuing all environmentally friendly practices that could help your restaurant reduce its overall impact on the plant. In the food service field, this can be done by cutting back on energy usage, cutting back on the overall usage of disposable products, minimizing your food waste, and other kinds of practices.

Reducing Your Eatery’s Water Usage

From dishwashing stations to your eatery’s bathrooms, just about all aspects of your restaurant require water. However, sources of freshwater are dropping in some regions, which makes it important for restaurants to do their best to save water. One good way to reduce water usage is by using low-flow spray valves, which can let you use less water while washing your dishes. One other choice would be to outfit each restroom with water-saving toilets or urinals, which use less water with each flush. Also, a lot of restaurants give their customers a glass of water once they sit down at their tables. You can cut back on your water usage but only serving it to customers when they ask for a glass themselves.

Consider Using Eco-Friendly Disposables

There are all types of eco-friendly alternatives to the usual plastic disposables. Instead of using plastic dinnerware or utensils, you can use compostable and biodegradable choices that are made from renewable materials, like PLA plastic, sugarcane, and bamboo. Plenty of restaurant owners are still a bit wary of eco-friendly disposables since they perceive them as flimsy, weak, and low-quality. Still, a lot of new kinds of environmentally friendly choices are just as durable as their own plastic counterparts. H.C. Walterhoefer has all kinds of environmentally friendly restaurant supplies, so visit us today to buy in bulk!

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