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How to Start Up a Snowball Stand

How to Start Up a Snowball Stand

Whether you call it a snow cone, shaved ice, or snowball, flavored ice is inexpensive to make and can rake in big profits during the summer.

Whether you call it a snow cone, shaved ice, or snowball, flavored ice is inexpensive to make and can rake in big profits during the summer. It is easy to look at a big line outside of a snowball stand during the summer and imagine how much profit the owner might be rolling in that day. However, just like any restaurant business venture, opening a snowball stand isn’t something you should hop into lightly. It is very important to do your research first before you dive into selling those sweet, cold treats. Read on to learn more!

Pick a Location

You might want to set up a permanent stand, but you may also choose to operate your business as a pop-up shop. While a stationary location can rake in the most profit, it does require the most maintenance and investment costs. You will need to pay rent every month, and you will have to pay employees if you don’t want to be the only one working at your stand 100 percent of the time. On the upside, though, customers will know where you’re located and can come back if they enjoy your product.

Buy Your Snowball Stand Supplies and Equipment

If you plan to operate a portable snowball stand, you will need to decide on the proper stand for your company. Do some research on which kind of trailer, stand, or truck will be the right fit for your snowball stand and how much you can expect to spend there. Once you have made the right decision, keep your eyes peeled for deals and be ready to act quickly. Also, make sure to buy a machine, and probably some more if you are operating a bigger business. A cash register, fridge, ice maker, toppings, and ice molds are also necessities if you’re looking to open up a snowball stand. Shaved ice products like syrups, cups, spoons, and straws are all available at H.C. Walterhoefer, so do not hesitate to come on in and buy what you need in bulk!

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