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An Essential Checklist for the Best Spring Event

An Essential Checklist for the Best Spring Event

Now is the time to get all of these spring events planned and on your calendar.

It might not feel like currently, but before you know it, the warm spring weather will arrive in full force! This means people will be ready to mingle at any outdoor spring events that you will host. Now is the time to get all of these events planned and on your calendar. Outdoor events will always be the safest way to socialize in the near future. So make sure to use this event planning checklist to make sure you aren’t skipping any of the fine details that are required for planning the ideal spring outdoor event. Read on to learn more!

The Venue

Picking an event venue is one of the most crucial decisions in planning an event, as the venue will definitely set the entire tone. Ask venues under consideration for photos of past events and references. Also, ask for a list of rules up front. You will want to know limitations concerning decorations, alcohol, videography and photography, outside food, and bringing in other vendors before you make your final decision. On the flip side, try to figure out what is included in a venue since this can give you a better idea of which other vendors you will actually have to hire.

The Food

Make sure that the food and drinks are weather-prepared and set up in a covered space. Picking a caterer who has plenty of experience with catering events outdoors is a necessity. They’ll also be able to help you decide on which food is the best for your event, and they’ll also know how to keep everything fresh and safe for your guest list.

The Setting

The setting will definitely be determined by the kind of event you’re planning, but there are a handful of things that every single outdoor event will benefit from. Tents eliminate the possibility of weather running the event while also allowing you to take advantage of the lovely outdoors. Chairs and tables provide a comfortable space giving guests a spot to rest, catch up, and partake in food and drinks at a tabled-clothed table in peace. Flooring and staging are important, as well as an ample amount of portable bathrooms and wash stations as well.

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