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The Best Ways to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Food Costs

The Best Ways to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Food Costs

You can make a serious change in your profit margin by reducing your food costs.

Every year in the US, an outrageous amount of food is wasted, which costs billions of dollars. One of the top contributors to the food waste issue is the restaurant industry, which can hurt the bottom line. By setting some goals for your restaurant and making a few small changes like taking inventory, changing food orders, and using your food in more creative ways, you can have a serious impact on your profit margin. Read on to learn just how your restaurant can reduce its food costs!

Work Hand-and-Hand with Your Food Suppliers

Once you have thought of good idea of how much food your restaurant uses, you can then work with your suppliers to help lower your food costs. If possible, look around and see which competing supplies are willing to offer you. If you’ve got a solid and sound relationship with your current food supplier, ask them for a discount or try to match prices with their competitors. One other option would be to work out a plan where you purchase in bulk but have the order sent in various shipments, rather all at one time. Ordering food in bulk can be relatively cost-effective, but it might lead to food spoiling, which can negate any money you would have saved by purchasing in bulk. Having your food and food supply shipments sent in multiple installments ensures that you are always serving food that is fresh, reduces the amount of food waste, and saves you plenty of money.

Manage the Food Orders

The harder you are willing to work when it comes to your food orders, the more money you can save. There are things you can do to save while also making quality food, like:

  • Offer a limited menu. If you limit your menu, you can cut back the amount of ingredients you need for your kitchen. Not only will this help reduce the cost of food and food waste, but it is ideal when adapting your menu for takeout.
  • Utilize seasonal dishes to save money on produce. Seasonal foods depend on your location, so check out your local farmer’s market to see what is fresh to get a bit of inspiration for some new recipes.

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