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How Your Restaurant Can Effectively Go Green

How Your Restaurant Can Effectively Go Green

There are plenty of things that you could do around your own restaurant that can help improve your green footprint.

Reducing your restaurant’s total energy consumption can lower your utility costs and help out the environment. Plenty of food service professionals have been adopting energy conservation methods for the last couple of years and have all reduced their energy use levels and expenses by a large margin. There are plenty of things that you could do around your own restaurant that can help improve your carbon green footprint. Read on for a few ways how your restaurant can effectively go green through electricity and water use!

Use Cutting Edge Energy Efficient Equipment

Commercial food preparation equipment contributes a large deal to your restaurant’s overall energy consumption, but your restaurant’s equipment doesn’t have to guzzle down all of your resources. Plenty of manufacturers offer equipment that uses just fractions of the energy of their older models, and making the switch might save your restaurant thousands of dollars each year. High-efficiency fryers can help you save money on utilities and fryer oils. High-efficiency dish machines also work in the same fashion, so consider some if you’d like for your restaurant to go green!

Shut Down Your Idle Equipment

Conserving energy can be as seamless as turning off your light switch. This could sound simple, but a lot of different restaurants waste billions of dollars each month since they leave idle equipment on during all hours of the night. Consider installing a set of timers for your eatery’s outdoor lights, or consider installing solar-powered outdoor lights that will charge themselves. Purchasing equipment with smart control technology that will let you start up your appliances while you’re remote is a good idea too. Last, if you take a bit of time to observe when your kitchen equipment is actually being used the very most and create a schedule for shutting down and starting up, you’ll save a lot of cash and energy in the process.

Consider Investing in Environmentally-Friendly, Green Products

Green, environmentally-friendly paper products, like napkins, paper straws, and utensils, all go a long way toward ensuring that your restaurant is practicing some green-friendly methods. These types of products can be recycled fully, which is something you aren’t always able to do with single-use plastics. Customers will usually notice the difference, and it will be a nice look for your company. Consider popping into H.C. Walterhoefer to buy our green and eco-friendly products.

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