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3 Ways to Find Customers for Bulk and Wholesale Supplies

5 Ways to Find Customers for Bulk and Wholesale Supplies

Finding customers who wish to buy bulk and wholesale supplies can be a considerable challenge.

Finding customers who wish to buy bulk and wholesale supplies can be a considerable challenge. Especially if you’re starting with your wholesale program but especially when you’re already established and trying to hit recruitment goals. There also is not much information online that goes into great detail or practical things that you can do to generate a list of possible wholesale customers to approach. It all starts with putting your bulk and wholesale supplies out there for everyone to see. Here are three advanced tactics that you can use to scrape together a list of relevant prospective bulk and wholesale customers!

Check Out Your Competition

You can use this following tactic to leverage your competitor’s hard work and give yourself an advantage when creating your bulk and wholesale supplies customer prospects list. Usually, your competitors will post a list of their “vendors,” ‘retail partners,” or “stockists” onto their website. These lists are essentially a blueprint to who you could also be targeting for your bulk and wholesale supplies. Compose a list and then use this all to your advantage.

Identify Some Complementary Products

Imagine if your products – such as restaurant utensils, bakery supplies, or pizza boxes, were up on a shelf in a wholesale store. Now imagine you are the store owner. Which other products can you think of that would be smart to place nearby? For example, if you sell pizza boxes, the store owner might place tomato products, cheeses, and other restaurant supplies in the same general section. If you can think of the name of some of these products, look them up and repeat the first tactic to find out which stores stock those products and add them to your existing list.

Focus On the Area Around You

The general geography around you can help you in finding the perfect customers for bulk and wholesale supplies. If you’ve already got certain kinds of businesses, restaurants, and possible clientele in mind, you might find it merely a matter of conquering space by space. Use Google to make a map of your state or county with specified areas to target using the “near” keyword search. This will make it easy to find potential customers for your bulk and wholesale products.

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