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Party Supplies for a Romantic Anniversary Party

Party Supplies for a Romantic Anniversary Party

If it’s worth throwing an anniversary party, it’s worth doing it right.

We’re approaching Valentine’s Day very closely, and love is in the air. Wedding anniversary parties usually get planned once a couple reaches 25 years or more of marriage. Some people hold parties on earlier anniversaries, like their 10th, 15th, or 20th. And some couples wait a bit longer, like for their 40th or 50th anniversaries. With high rates of divorce in the United States, staying married this long merits a real celebration. If it’s worth throwing an anniversary party, it’s worth doing it right. You need to prepare by gathering all of the proper party supplies beforehand. Here are a few tips and party supplies you need for your romantic anniversary party!

Begin With a Budget

As with any event, begin by creating a budget to keep your spending from getting out of control. The budget affects any other aspects of planning, like location, the guest list, and the party supplies. You might have to compromise on sticking to your budget.

Choose a Guest List

People usually invite very close friends and family members to these types of parties. Consider the friends who took part in your wedding or have known for several years. Decide on whether to include kids, as this can also affect the budget, planning, and party details necessary on the invitation.

Party Supplies

This is very important. You can’t throw a proper anniversary party without any party supplies! Make a list of items you will need, which could include personalized paper products with the couple’s initials on them. This is one way to make the party memorable. Some other supplies to buy are table covers, cups, napkins, plates, glasses, punchbowls, and smallware. All of these products are available at HC Walterhoefer in bulk, so feel free to come in to grab what you need!

Set the Date

An anniversary party normally takes place on the anniversary itself or the weekend before or sometime after that date. However, sometimes schedules necessitate holding it a bit further away from the original anniversary date. Avoid scheduling the party on a holiday (like Valentine’s Day), which increases expenses and could make it much more harder for some guests to attend.

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