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What Are the Right Kinds of Tomatoes for Pizza?

What Are the Right Kinds of Tomatoes for Pizza?

Which tomatoes are the best kinds for making a pizza?

If you run a pizzeria, you know almost as important as the pizza base is the pizza dough, and then the tomatoes. It is believed that the history of these ripe red fruits can be traced back to the Aztecs in 700 A.D. The popularity of the fruit as a sauce has been there since the creation of pizza in the late 1800s. It was part of the main three ingredients used for celebrating Queen Margarite’s visit to Naples by crafting a dish that represented the Italian flag. But enough of a history lesson, which tomatoes are the best kinds for making a pizza? Read on to learn which types of tomatoes you should be using for your pizza pies!

The Ideal Tomatoes for Pizza

Plum tomatoes are great for making pizza sauce. The very best tomatoes for pizza sauce are outside Naples in San Marzano, Italy. However, everyone doesn’t live in Italy, so canned San Marzano tomatoes are available. The reason why plum tomatoes are often considered to be one of the best is because of their shiny color, scant gelatin around the seeds, gigantic shape, and thicker walls. The little number of seeds and water also make them great for pizza sauce.

Prepping the Tomato Sauces

First, seeds are removed from the tomatoes after cutting them up into chunks. They’re made into a fresh paste using a blender. After that, there’s tweaking around with the consistency and texture, which is made uniform by adding some water. The sauce should be thick, and not too much water should be added. Otherwise, your pizza dough will turn into a soggy nightmare. The sauce can then be simmered on low heat if it’s too thin to thicken it up. Consider adding some virgin olive oil to add some flavor. After your sauce is done, you will have the best pie to provide for your customers.

Buying Sauce From Stores

As mentioned earlier, you can use several different canned tomatoes at a store. One of the best available brands of tomato sauces you can use are Stanislaus tomato products. They are high in quality and perfect for any pizza product. Come to H.C Walterhoefer to buy as many Stanislaus tomato products as you need for your future pizza projects!

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