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Which Types of Chef Hats are the Best for You?

Which Types of Chef Hats are the Best for You?

Today’s blog will take you through various chef hats and their purposes.

As a part of your restaurant’s dress code, chef hats are an essential piece of clothing to help guarantee sanitation in the kitchen while completing a chef’s uniform. Today’s blog will take you through various chef hats and their purpose, from a traditional toque to an informal chef cap, so you can pick the best kinds of chef hats and headwear for your entire staff. Read on to learn which types of chef hats will work best for you and your restaurant staff!

Toque Chef Hats

A toque chef hat is the most traditional kind of chef hat. The toque hat can look one of two different ways: either with a straight-sided base and a pleated, floppy top that comes in different colors or as a stiff, tall, and pleated hat that is white in color. Usually, a toque hat is a symbol of seniority in the kitchen, and it is generally worn by the executive chef. They’re popular in upscale restaurants, catering events, or hotels to show a professional and high-end look. They are also available in cotton, poly-cotton, or polyester materials. These chef hats are usually fastened with an adjustable self-fastening band to fit on different head sizes.

Chef Skull Caps

A chef skull cap, otherwise known as a pill box cap, is tight-fitting and lightweight, with many of them featuring a mesh top for enhanced air circulation in hot restaurant kitchens. It is far less formal than a toque chef hat but still provides a professional, clean look amongst your kitchen staff, making it an excellent choice for trendy and modern eateries. They’re most commonly used by bakers, line cooks, and pastry chefs and are usually made with polyester, cotton, and poly-cotton blended materials with elastic bands on the back to fit any head size.

Chef Bandanas

Chef bandanas or neckerchiefs absorb sweat to help your staff stay cool in hot kitchens. Tie a neckerchief to prevent any sweat from dripping onto your neck or as a bandana to cover your hair from dripping any sweat. These are popular choices for modern and casual eateries like, as well as food trucks and cafes.

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