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The Best Types of Disposable Cups to Use in Your Restaurant

The Best Types of Disposable Cups to Use in Your Restaurant

Disposable cups come in all types of styles, sizes, materials, and colors.

From purposeful to entirely practical, disposable cups come in all types of styles, sizes, materials, and colors too. However, with all of these options available, how will you know which kind of cup will work best for your eatery? As mentioned, there are various types to pick from, so choosing the right ones makes a difference. You have come to the right place for some terminology on various disposable cups for your restaurant. Read on to learn more!

Disposable Cups and Its Materials

PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. A member of the polyester material group, it is used for creating synthetic fibers along with beverage and food containers. Products that are created with PET are lightweight and are nice at blocking gases, solvents, moisture, and much more. They are also impact-resistant and robust as a disposable cup material. Products also created from PET could also be recycled.

Poly-Coated Disposable Cups

The term poly-coated is typically used when referring to materials entirely coated with polyethylene. Poly-coated materials are much more stable, smooth, and moisture resistant than non-coated materials and will feature a double or single layer of polyethylene. This all depends on the desired quality and durability, but these are great choices for disposable cups, too.

Wax-Coated Disposable Cups

Featuring a leak-resistant coating of wax, wax-coated products offer added sturdiness and strength, too, as they’re similar to those that are poly-coated already. These products are typically sprayed on each side with wax and work great, especially within cold applications.

Air Pocket Insulated Paper Disposable Cups

Eliminating the requirement to double up or keep coffee sleeves ready on hand, paper hot cups like ripple cups and double wall cups are created with air pocket insulation to help keep hot beverages warm without burning a person’s hand. These cups have inner sheets along with outer sheets, separated by a layer of air for additional insulating properties.

Sustainable Disposable Paper Cups

A few paper cups are made using renewable sources. These types of cups are available in various compostable paper styles, double-sided poly paper types, and a few paper-lined styles with thicker shells. Created with renewable resources, sustainable paper cups give you and your customers peace of mind while using them.

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