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Various Disposable Cups Your Restaurant Can Use

Various Disposable Cups Your Restaurant Can Use

In today’s blog, we will look into a few different kinds of disposable cups and what sets them apart from one another.

From purposeful to practical, disposable cups come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Whether you are looking for new ways for your restaurant to go green or you’re just trying to find the cup that fits all of your needs, the large variety of options can make it hard to choose. In today’s blog, we will look into a few different kinds of disposable cups and what sets them apart from one another. Read on to learn more about different kinds of disposable cups that your restaurant can use!

Cup Variations

Disposable cups can lend themselves to a wide range of different applications. Whether you are looking for a dependable vessel for serving drinks or a versatile cup to fit an extensive drink menu, these types of cups are a nice addition. A few of the most common disposable cups include:

Compostable Cups

Compostable cups represent a green and an eco-friendly choice for your business. A cup that is temperature tolerant can help you serve cups that are hot, like coffee, to something cold, like lemonade.

Polystyrene Cups

These are available in both solid color and clear designs too. Polystyrene cups are created with high-impact materials that are sturdy, shatterproof, and flexible as well. These cups feature clean, smooth rolled rims and come in various styles, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to pick the cup that benefits your preferences the most. They are made to withstand your most popular party games while also being a popular plastic cup for party settings. Like a lot of other disposable cups, these are designed for the use of cold beverages. H.C. Walterheofer sells plenty of disposable cups in bulk, so visit us if you’d like to see our selection!

Environmentally Friendly Cups

These cups offer a smart and sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic cups. Usually made from post-consumer recycled content, eco-friendly plastic cups will allow you to serve signature drinks while also embracing environmentally-conscious business practices. These are available in many different styles, and these cups lend themselves to a wide selection of beverages.

To learn more about our different kinds of cups, visit H.C. Walterhoefer today!

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