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Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Keeping your restaurant clean is super important!

When you run a busy restaurant, your ultimate goal is to make a name for yourself. Even if you aren’t a big-name chef, you can create a place that is well-known both in your town and across the country. Plus, earning some Michelin stars is a good way to boost your reputation. Here are some tips for achieving that lofty goal: by keeping your restaurant as clean as possible.


The kitchen should be by far the cleanest part of your restaurant. After all, that is where all of the food is prepared. Every surface in the kitchen should be cleaned and sanitized multiple times every single day. Raw meat poses an even larger risk than most other types of food. Any surfaces, dishes, or utensils that come into contact with any type of raw meat need to be thoroughly disinfected immediately. Counters, cutting boards, pots, pans, mixers, and all other cooking utensils all need to be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day in order to avoid contaminating the food.


Don’t disgust your customers by leaving a dirty bathroom unattended. That’s why your bathroom must be cleaned every day, both at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day just before closing time. Checking on the bathroom to replace hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper is also advisable, especially during peak meal times when the breakfast, lunch, or dinner rush is on. Also, establish a strictly-enforced policy where all employees must thoroughly wash their hands after they use the restroom. Make sure customers do this too.


Finally, let’s think about the floors in your restaurant. Make sure that the floors are kept clean and dry, too. On days with wet or muddy weather, you don’t want the elements to ruin the appeal of your establishment. Take care of entry and exit doors, along with the tabletops and underneath both the tables and the booths, if you have any. Be sure all of the floors, no matter what material they are furnished in, are given regular-scheduled deep cleanings, even if this is once a week on your slowest day of business.

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