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How to Establish an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

Check out these tips for establishing an eco-friendly restaurant.

Check out these tips for establishing an eco-friendly restaurant.

Sustainability has been a growing topic in businesses of all sizes- and restaurants should not be left out! Consumers are more aware of green issues than ever, and most are willing to pay more for a meal if they know that the restaurant they’re eating at is eco-friendly. Check out these tips for establishing an eco-friendly restaurant while staying within your budget.

Reduce Food Waste

One of the most significant problems around the world is the sheer amount of food waste that is created each year. Not only does it take up landfill space, but it also means that many people go hungry who simply do not need to. As you begin to create a greener restaurant, consider the ways that you can reduce the amount of food waste you generate. Start by putting together a better inventory management system; this will allow you to keep better track of what needs to be used and by when. Next, make sure that all expiration dates are clearly visible on packages. Lastly, work with a local food pantry or soup kitchen to help donate usable food that’s left over. Not only will you waste less, but your restaurant will earn a great piece of press.

Serve With The Seasons

Creating a menu that focuses on local, in-season produce is a great way to improve your sustainability and create delicious food. Consider how often you’ve been served lackluster, flavorless tomatoes regardless of the season. When you work with local farmers and use what’s in-season so your plates will look and taste much better.  

Clean Green

Many cleaning products are just not good for the environment. Not to mention, the scent of most cleaners will put customers off their food and detract from their experience. Making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products is easier than ever now that there are many options available even for bulk purchase.

Follow the 3 R’s

Reducing, reusing, and recycling should always be in the front of your mind as you begin to make a move to a more sustainable restaurant. Some restaurant materials, such as mats, can be made from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, make sure that you’re recycling and composting as much as your waste as possible. Replacing styrofoam and plastic with cardboard and compostable take-out containers can help eliminate styrofoam, a material that takes hundreds of years to degrade. Lastly, try swapping out paper products for ones made from recycled and chlorine free options like those available through H.C. Walterhoefer.

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