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The Ultimate Napkins Guide for Your Restaurant  

The Ultimate Napkin Guide for Your Restaurant  

Napkins are a great product that can help reinforce your brand and keep everyone clean.

It is very important to see what kind of disposable napkin is best aligned with the primary message of your business. Napkins show the message that your company wishes to project the image of concern for the environment and if your business approach is a bit more focused on making your customer’s dining experience a little better, or both. Currently, napkins are tied to businesses like pizza shops, food trucks, casual food restaurants, high-class restaurants, ice-cream parlors, and of course, high-class eateries too. Napkins are a great product that can help reinforce your brand. They’re customizable, and they can also contribute with a note of color in your businesses’ decoration. Read on to learn just how to pick the best type of napkin for your restaurant!

Paper Restaurant Napkins – One Layer

Mini and paper napkins are some of the most basic kinds. They are white and customizable usually. They’re what we always find in dispensers that allow for the regular consumption of food. These napkins match the criteria of hygiene and serviceability in eateries where there’s a consistent flow of customers. If the decision on what kind of napkin to use is linked into budgetary criteria, then it is required to bear in mind that in the mid to long term, it becomes a lot cheaper to choose thinner ones for every client to use just once in each service.

Two Layered Tissues

Softer, thicker, and the proper size to be used in quick lunches are tissues. They’re usually able to be purchased in bright colors that enhance the decoration of your eatery to help make the terrace a lot more visible. Also, the availability of soft and trendy colors like taupe or pink salmon are popular choices.

Customizable and Recyclable Paper Napkins

One choice for paper napkins for your restaurant are some paper napkins from H.C. Walterhoefer. We have a selection of customizable napkins that are fully recyclable, making them an excellent choice for the environment and your restaurant’s primary carbon footprint. Come in today in purchase in bulk!

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