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Preparing Your Restaurant for the 4th of July

Preparing Your Restaurant for the 4th of July

We have made a guide on which supplies you’ll need and which specials you can provide for the 4th of July.

With people out in a sea of stars and stripes during the 4th of July weekend, how do you get them to come to your eatery? The short answer is offering some lovely 4th of July specials. The right specials will drive traffic to your restaurant during the holiday weekend, helping you take advantage of one of the biggest celebrations in the country. Keep in mind, though, you will have to differentiate themselves to stay competitive. For example, restaurants can offer unique menu items as well as food promotions or even provide live entertainment to truly stand out. To help you out, we have made a guide on which supplies you’ll need and which specials you can provide for the 4th of July. Read on to learn more!

4th of July Décor

Prepare some patriotic décor for the big weekend while keeping your specific restaurant concept in mind. For example, if you are a fine dining restaurant, diners probably are not looking for balloons and streamers everywhere. They will appreciate subtlety, like a beautiful flower arrangement in red, white, and blue, or a well-crafted menu with the specials of the weekend. Conversely, if the restaurant is more casual, diners might be a bit more willing to go full red, white, and blue for a day. In this case, you may want to use streamers and balloons, invest in some colored napkins, colored tablecloths, which are available at H.C. Walterhoefer, or get your staff dressed up.

Take Things Outdoors

With plenty of people expected to dine outdoors on the 4th of July, restaurants have to be clever with their use of space. If you’ve got access to outdoor areas like a patio or garden, try to make the most of it. This will help attract new customers who prefer eating while enjoying the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the outdoors. While preparing the patio, ensure the space has a perfect balance of shade and sun to appeal to all the guest’s preferences. You will also have to assign staff to consistently clean the patio furniture and check on burnt-out lightbulbs. Be careful of overcrowding in outdoor dining areas, this can lead to a deterioration of your customer service, a tense atmosphere, as well as unhappy customers.

Updating Your Menu

Offer some America-themed dishes for the special occasion. These specials could be based on a color, like white, red, or blue, or built around iconic American foods. Hot dogs are a safe choice, but consider other popular American foods like mac and cheese, hamburgers, and apple pie. You could even change these classics depending on your eatery’s concept.

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