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How to Prepare Your Restaurant for the Fall

How to Prepare Your Restaurant for the Fall

Fall is here, and as a restaurant owner, you might already be thinking of some new ways to spruce up your menu for autumn.

Fall is here, and as a restaurant owner, you might already be thinking of some new ways to spruce up your menu for autumn. But there’s other preparations you should be making for the upcoming cold months. You can never be too prepared as a restaurant owner, especially in the middle of the current pandemic. Whether this is with restaurant supplies, new cleaning regulations, rules, or some brand new seasonal items – you have to be ready. Read on for a few handy ways to prepare your restaurant for this fall!

Cleanliness is Crucial

The catchphrase is spring cleaning, but there is no reason you can’t spruce things up in your restaurant before the fall! Give your kitchen a thorough scrub, clean the refrigerators and freezers, and make sure that your dining space and restrooms are all squeaky clean. When the weather gets colder, germs can spread quicker, and you will want to start off the new season on the right foot. Consider placing some hand sanitizer bottles around your restaurant, on the tables, and carry-out counters. This way, you will be keeping everything and everyone safe from the Coronavirus. H.C. Walterhofer has hand sanitizer in bulk, so come grab some today!

Decorate with Fall Themed Colors

Autumn brings a new sense of warmth and comfort. Try to reflect this in your restaurant’s décor. Depending on your restaurant’s layout, ambiance, and design, there are many different design elements you could incorporate to make it seem more like the fall. Smaller details, like napkins and plates with brown, burgundy, or auburn colors, can add a pop of fall colors. New tablecloths could also give your dining area a fresh look. Color has this effect on how we perceive foods and even our mood, so the more fall colors, the better. H.C. Walterhoefer has a wide selection of paper napkins and plates, which can be customized to your liking too.

Seasonal Menu Items

Since it is now the Fall, it’s time to crank out those seasonal items. If you’re a bakery or coffee shop that makes any desserts, consider serving some pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks. This will show that your restaurant is all-in on the fall theme.

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