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3 Different Checklists to Ensure Your Restaurant is Sanitized

3 Different Checklists to Ensure Your Restaurant is Sanitized

It can be a bit difficult to ensure that everything is clean consistently, especially with all of the new rules and regulations.

With the recent Coronavirus restrictions being lifted all across Maryland, restaurants now have the option to have half capacity for their indoor dining rooms. This now means that more customers can enjoy their traditional dining experience. If you decide to re-open your indoor dining rooms, you have to make sure everything is sanitary to keep customers returning. It can be a bit difficult to ensure that everything is clean consistently, especially with all of the new rules and regulations set in place. Simply hanging up a sign asking customers to report when spots of the restaurant are unacceptable is not enough. You have to be proactive. Read on to learn how to ensure your restaurant is squeaky clean.

Every Single Day

Cleaning your kitchen is something that should occur multiple times a day. It has to be cleaned again before you close and checked again once the restaurant opens up for the day. This includes making sure that all food preparation areas are clean. Then, the floors have to be mopped and swept. All pots, pans, and silverware have to be washed, mainly if they’re being used. A safer alternative may be to use some paper or plastic silverware that your customers can easily toss away after eating. Don’t forget to disinfect every table and chair after each party leaves. Doing your best to minimize cross-contamination in a time like this will also help boost your restaurant’s reputation and help avoid a loss of customers.

Every Single Week

Some tasks make more sense to occur at least once a week. By following these cleaning tips, keeping everything in the restaurant will be a lot easier and less time-consuming. This means that all of your ovens should be kept as clean as possible, even those wood-fired brick pizza ovens. Some drain cleaner or all-natural substitutes should be used to deal with any clogs in your drains. All coffee machines and ice dispensers must be cleaned and sanitized too.

Every Single Month

Now for the last checklist, your monthly cleaning list. These involve deep cleaning, so if you don’t feel you can do this alone, consider calling a cleaning service. Make sure to deep clean all of your fryers, dry storage spots, exhaust foods, and the appliances around them.

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